Friday, September 18, 2009

Lisa Ann

Fucking is Lisa Ann's life. Ever since she was a teenager, sex has been the main thing on Lisa Ann's mind. So, just like so many hot milfs, Lisa Ann fucks as often as she can. But this isn't Lisa Ann, your neighbor's mom – this is Lisa Ann, porn star so “fucking as often as she can” has a bit of a different meaning! The hardcore adult film world is a perfect match for Lisa Ann's life. And also naturally, that enthusiasm has created a hardcore following of Lisa Ann milf fans who adore watching her get fucked more than any other pornstar. The way she sees it, this is great for everybody – she fills her days with fucking, the fans love watching her get fucked, everybody's making money and yes, the director will let her do anal. Noooo problem. Lisa Ann's body isn't the only hot attribute she's got. She has not only been in the sex entertainment industry for 18 years in addition to starring in porn, Lisa Ann was also an agent and ran a successful sex entertainment talent agency. On screen she's not just hot, nude, fucking and hoping her audience will cum – though she's always that. She's also done hilarious political parody porn, starring once as “Serra Paylin” - actually, there is some resemblance to the Alaska governor, but Lisa Ann is way hotter. Gorgeous face, killer nude body, unstoppable blowjobs, crazy about anal sex, and – oh yeah – phenomenal boobs. All that plus brains, izzit? Well gee, if you insist! Pornstar Lisa Ann, milf of the brain hair – my dick salutes you. But even though she's this sophisticated, she's still not too good for what she's doing. She loves to do anal and she'll suck your dick straight from ass to mouth. Hardcore, eh? Lisa Ann looks great naked and she likes to notice men on the set checking her out during a shoot. She's got no problem forcing a threesome into a scene. Hey, film is cheap, right? Lisa Ann hardcore needs to get fucked on a regular basis, and she looks hot with cum sprayed all over her ass or in a facial, so even if she adds a dick to a shot just because she thinks a guy could use a bit of masturbation, milf Lisa Ann will get what she wants on the set. Does anybody argue with boobs like that? Lisa Ann has no problem playing with lesbians after her pussy and ass finally get tired from all that pounding. She'll fuck a girl and keep on fucking her until her own little kitten downstairs gets hungry again, then let that lesbian go snacking on Lisa's own snatch while Lisa Ann does to our male pornstar what consenting adults like to do. On film. In threes. So there she is, gentlemen! Hardcore milf, winner of the 2009 Milf/Cougar Performer of the Year at AVN, and new inductee into the AVN Hall of Fame. Lisa Ann, I think we'd all love to put something “pale in” that hot ass of yours.

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